Find the Monkeys hidden in the gallery to win rewards and NFTs from our collection

“THE INFINITE GALLERY” is the first experience of a new kind, it is an immersive, interactive and unique art gallery. You can now explore and walk around inside this virtual 2D gallery on your computer or smartphone by visiting our website in our links.

We propose in parallel of the experience, NFT of our paintings giving you access to several advantages in addition to having a unique and original work of art. Very private group Discord gold (direct discussion with me and the team), Gold voting rights on the next big decision of the team, Exclusive information on future projects and Access to exclusive and private experiences.

We are preparing a lot of new things for this year, a detailed road map of our projects exists and will soon be unveiled so stay tuned to our networks and don’t hesitate to give us feedback on our discord to improve our future experiences!

With the infinite gallery, you can travel through paintings, finding the smallest details and discovering the overflowing imagination and sleek inspirations of a young artist now recognized for his innovations

Building a solid, inspiring community that helps us in our daily evolution was a dream that we never thought would come true so quickly